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Here at Spotlight we strive to provide reasonably and competitive priced dance classes with top level instructors/choreographers and highest quality facility and equipment.  Our tuition is based on the length of the class, which you can find in our tuition table below. 

Intensives and Dance Camps are due in full when you register your dancer in order to reserve their spot. Until you have paid these in full, your dancer will not have a spot in the intensive/camp. For all other classes (summer session 6 week classes and the parade class) you must pay for 50% of the balance when you register to reserve your spot in the class. The other 50% must be paid by June 1st. If you enroll after June 1st your balance must be paid in full at the time you register. 

Summer Session 6 Week Classes

Summer classes are held for a total of 6 weeks over the course of the session beginning Monday, July 16th and ending the week of August 20th. 

6 Week Session Tuition


Cost Per Class

Session Cost

30 Minutes



45 Minutes



60 Minutes



90 Minutes








Registration Fee

All dancers are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $15 per session. If you have multiple dancers, the registration fee is discounted $5 for each additional dancer. 


We are again offering four different intensives throughout the summer! Intensives meet for four days, Monday-Thursday, three hours each day. We are offering a special discount for enrolling in multiple intensives. The first intensive is $200 and every intensive after that will be discounted $25. You can see the breakdown in the table below. Please note that all discounts will be applied after you sign up and may take up to 5 business days as it must be done manually. 

Intensive Tuition

# of Intensives


Cost Per Day

Intensive Total 


1 Intensive



2 Intensives



3 Intensives



4 Intensives











Dance Camps

Back by popular demand for young dancers! Each camp is held for three days, Monday-Wednesday, for three hours. The cost for each dance camp is $100. During the camp your dancer will learn a dance, make a craft, and receive a snack each day! 

Dance Camp Special!

First camp $100 - enroll in an additional camp and receive $25 off! Email to redeem. 

*Offer valid per dancer


Waunafest Parade Dancers

The cost for this class is $30. This does NOT include the cost for the outfit. If your dancer is a competitive dancer at Spotlight, the cost for the class is waived and you are only required to pay for the outfit. This is a REQUIRED class for all competition dancers.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be provided for the summer session. The only exception will be medical emergencies, in which case a doctors note is required.