Recreational Class Descriptions:

All classes listed below perform in SDA's Holiday show in December and annual spring recital in May. In addition to tuition fees for these classes, there will also be a costume fee. Please see our tuition page for more information.

Tiny Dancers
3/4 Combo & 5/6 Combo are half ballet and half tap combo classes. Ballet is the foundation to proper dance training and beautiful technique. SDA's tiny dancers love being ballerinas and playing with rhythm in their tap/combo classes!
Mini Jazz & Hip Hop are vibrant and energetic classes to quicker rhythms!

Class Attire: Any form fitted clothing (leggings, dance shorts, tank top, leotard) with hair secured out of the face

3/4 Combo: 3-4yrs
3/4 Hip Hop: 3-4yrs
5/6 Combo: 5-6yrs
5/6 Hip Hop: 5-6yrs
Mini Jazz: 4-6yrs

Elite Ballet & Pointe
Ballet is the foundation to proper training with developing correct posture, a firm core and beautiful technique which is important to be a successful dancer. 
Pointe classes are available upon evaluation and teacher placements.

Class Attire: Black leotard, pink or black tights, pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirt or dance shorts may be worn over the leotard. All ballet dancers must have their hair in a bun for class.

Pointe 1: Teacher Approval required
Pointe 2: Teacher Approval required

Elite Ballet 1: 7-8yrs
Elite Ballet 2: 9-10yrs
Elite Ballet 3: 11-13yrs
Elite Ballet 4: 14+

Jazz classes are vibrant and energetic consisting of unique moves set to a quicker rhythm and incorporates different styles of turns and leaps. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance.

Class Attire: Dance pants or dance shorts, fitted tank top or leotard and black jazz shoes. Dancers should have their hair pulled back and secured out of their face.

Jazz 1: 9-10yrs
Jazz 2: 11-13yrs
Jazz 3: 14+

Lyrical dance lessons are a modern contemporary form of dance that utilizes ballet technique and encourages the use of emotions and personal interpretation in movements. 
Lyrical dance classes are available for ages 7 and up. 
It is highly encouraged that dancers wanting to enroll in this form of dance take ballet classes to build the proper technique that the lyrical style requires.

Class Attire: Leotard or fitted tank top, dance shorts with tights or dance pants, and tan lyrical footies. Dancers should have their hair pulled back and secured out of their face.

Pre-Lyrical: 7-8yrs
Lyrical 1: 9-10yrs
Lyrical 2: 11-13
Lyrical 3: 14+

Hip Hop
Hip Hop dance classes offer hard hitting "street" style where movements are fast paced, low and grounded. Hip hop classes start at 3 years old. Entrance into the advanced hip hop class is based on the instructor's permission. 

Class Attire: Sweat pants or leggings, fitted tank top or t-shirt and black hip hop sneakers. Dancers should have their hair pulled back and secured out of their face.

Hip Hop 2: 7-8yrs
Hip Hop 3: 9-10yrs
Hip Hop 4: 11-13
Hip Hop 5: 14+

Bonus Classes:

Bonus classes focus on mastering skills without the need to learn choreography for dance performance

These classes do not perform in recitals.

Adult Classes
These classes are for adults who would like to get back into dance OR would like to start learning dance. No dance experience necessary, just come to learn, have fun and be active!


Technique classes are offered to improve dancers technical abilities without learning choreography. It gives them the chance to spend an entire class devoted to perfect their skills and expand on their knowledge gained in ballet classes. 

Hip Hop Tricks

During Hip Hop Tricks class students will learn various tricks used during hip hop routines. It gives students the opportunity to learn the tricks step by step that teachers do not have time to teach during hip hop classes. There are two different levels offered: Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced. For students unsure of which level to take, email to schedule an evaluation.

Stretch and Conditioning

This class is offered for students wanting to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility. Students will be pushed to challenge their bodies and become stronger, more focused dancers.


Leaps and Turns is a class that extensively breaks down all aspects of a variety of leaps and turns. 


Improv is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Improvised movement material is created through explorations in level changes, shapes and dynamics; done individually and in small/large groups. Dancers will learn to create movement in their bodies without prior thought or judgement.