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3/4 Combo & 5/6 Combo are half Ballet and half Tap combo classes. Ballet is the foundation to proper dance training and beautiful technique. SDA's tiny dancers love being ballerinas and playing with rhythm in their tap and ballet classes!

7/8 Combo is a half Ballet and half Jazz combo class.


Mini Jazz & Hip Hop are vibrant and energetic classes to quicker rhythms!

Class Shoes/Attire: Any form fitted clothing (leggings, dance shorts, tank top, leotard dress) with hair secured out of the face.


3/4 & 5/6 Combos will need black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

Grades 1-2 Combo will need pink ballet shoes and black Jazz shoes.

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Jazz classes are vibrant and energetic consisting of unique moves set to a quicker rhythm and incorporates different styles of turns and leaps. To excel in jazz, dancers are encouraged to try ballet as well, as it supports grace, balance and strength.

Class Shoes/Attire: Leggings or shorts, fitted tank top or leotard and black Jazz shoes.


Dancers should have their hair pulled back and secured out of their face.

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Ballet is the foundation to proper training with developing correct posture, a firm core and beautiful technique which is important to be a successful dancer. 

Class Shoes/Attire: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirt or dance shorts may be worn over the leotard.


All ballet dancers must have their hair in a bun for class. 



Hip Hop dance classes offer hard hitting movements that are upbeat, low and grounded. Hip hop classes start at 3 years old.

Class Attire: Sweat pants or leggings, fitted tank top or t-shirt and any clean pair of indoor sneakers for class. (Performance hip hop shoe links will be sent separately).

Dancers should have their hair pulled back and secured out of their face.

Shoes: Hip Hop shoe information is available at the  bottom of this page.



Lyrical dance lessons are a modern contemporary form of dance that utilizes ballet technique and encourages the use of emotions and personal interpretation in movements. It is highly encouraged that dancers wanting to enroll in this form of dance take ballet classes to build the proper technique that the lyrical style requires.


Contemporary dance combines elements of several genres like modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. This form is expressive and strives to connect the mind and body through fluid movements. 

Class Shoes/Attire: Leotard or fitted tank top, dance shorts with tights or leggings and tan lyrical footies/half shoes.


Dancers should have their hair pulled back and secured out of their face.

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Pom Pom

POM-POM is a jazz dance based class where dancers will use poms to create fun visual dances and creative formation changes.

Class Shoes/Attire: Leotard/Tank Top/Tshirt with dance shorts or leggings and black Jazz shoes for recital performances.


Dancers should have their hair pulled back and secured out of their face.

Dancers are welcome to wear any clean pair of indoor sneakers to class but should have black Jazz shoes for each recital performance.

Shoe Purchase

For purchase of ballet, lyrical, tap and jazz shoes we recommend Rosy Cheeks located in Monona or Discount Dance online.


Ages 3-6 Hip Hop Classes – Split Sole Dance Sneaker (All Black) 

Any dance brand is fine: Theatricals, Bloch, Capezio, Balera

If your dancers shoe size is below what is available, please wear a clean all black sneaker for class and performances (inside shoes only). 








Hip Hop Grades 1-12  Canvas High Top Canvas Dance Sneaker (Black with white laces)







Shoe Purchase:

Rosy Cheeks Dancewear (Ages 4-6 Hip Hop) – Located in Monona

Web Links:

Click here for ages 3-6 hip hop 

Click here for Levels 1-5 hip hop

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